We are Natural Common Scents

We are two kiwi best mates with nothing more than a huge desire to help all humans, hounds, horses (everyone), to live happy healthy lives without unnecessary chemicals. 


With 25 years consultancy experience in corporate health, safety and well-being, it was staggering how every year we needed to consider and cater for more and more allergies, medical conditions and sensitivities within the work force.

Couple that with our own life-long personal sensitivities we got fed up with constantly checking every label and needing to be up with the play on every ingredient just to use day to day essentials.


So, short of getting a biochemical degree - we started to make our own daily use products and we have never looked back. Having seen the amazing results and positive impaction only in our lives but also our loved ones, we are now committed to supporting you to live chemically free.  

All of our products are made by hand, with 100% and 0% chemicals. So you can be assured in the knowledge that you are looking after yourself and your loved ones, naturally. 

It really is just Natural Common Scents. 

Happy Hounds, Happy Home

Meet the rest of our family - Blue, Miley & Bhodi


"The Ultimate Wingman"

This handsome fellow was the inspiration for our animal range. His favourite time of the day was charming all the ladies on our walks - he really was A Dashing Hound. We miss you every day Blue x

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