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Hi everyone, Bhodi here again bringing you news from our fam. My mum in the picture above is still in her leg cast so it's up to me to get this written. I'm actually a very clever dog, even though I get called a bit of a muppet due to the stupid things I sometimes do, like walking head first in to the corner of the dining table and not even noticing.

Thank goodness we are getting a bit out of lockdown as it means I can go for walks with my friends and due to the recent rain, there are lots of puddles for me to sit or lie down in. Some of them are quite stinky and I smell like a sewer when I get out so Mickey has to hose me down before I'm allowed back in the house. Here I am in the video below - so much fun :) Thank goodness we have a nice shampoo so I smell nice.

We've got some great things coming up for summer but that's Millar's job to do.

Right I'll hand you over to Millar now to tell you about our new stuff!!!

Millar's Memo

Hi all, Millar here and I have a top tip for you and exciting news about our new bundles.

Summer's here and I'm super excited as it will be my first one!! Mum tells me that as well as sunburn, there are lots of other things to be careful off as well.

One thing, grass seed. These can get lodged in our dogs fur and burrow into our flesh causing all manner of issues. Removal can be very expensive and there have been cases where dogs have died due to migrating seeds. Avoid grass seeded with hooks and burrs. Always get your human to check after excursions, especially between the toes and pads.

We do a great sun block for fur friends called Sun Buddy, have a look here


It's nearly festival time and we've come up with the perfect pack for you to take with you.

Pack contains -

  • No Stinki Me (you don't want to be THAT person on the dancefloor),

  • Germs Be Gone sanitiser (you can't get enough of this stuff),

  • Sun Buddy sun cream and

  • Don't Bug Me insect repellant.

You'll be smell free, germ free, sunburn free and bite free - how good is that??

Just jump to this link and it will be winging it's way to you in no time at all.

Additionally we've put together 3 different bundles you can gift, or have for yourself, of our Mum and Baby products, perfect for a baby shower.

  • Simple Pleasures containing a bottle of Bouncing Bubba, a tin of Sore Botty and 2 complimentary foot soaks for mum.

  • Spoil them Both which contains Tub Time, Boob-ease and Happy Bum plus 2 complimentary foot soaks for mum.

  • Top Shelf which contains Tub Time, Bouncing Bubba, Sore Botty Balm, Happy Bum and Blissed Out Balm. Also contains 2 complimentary relaxing foot soaks for mum when she gets the time!

ALL of these products can be interchanged, just let us know via email with your order and your wish is our command.



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