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Sandra & Bhodi

Hi everyone, Bhodi here again bringing you news from our fam.

First of all Happy New Year - even though I'm just a weeny bit late with this.

We got this fab calendar at Christmas, each day has an astronomy fact 'from this day in history' so I thought I'd have a look at see what I could find.

So for this week in history -

17th January - Flush toilet is patented by Mr Thomas Crapper (Honest!) in 1861

18th January - 1st UFO sighting in America by perplexed Pilgrims in Boston in 1644

19th January - 1st regular transatlantic radio broadcast between US & England in 1903.

Boy it's hot!! Too hot for me really. Greyhounds are easily affected by the heat so it's important that we stay inside and keep cool. But that's boring, so Millar and me played this awesome game, mum wasn't too impressed though. Here's a picture - what do you think??

A messy house after the dogs had a party

Summer means flies as well. I quite like chasing them and eating them if I catch them. Mum say's I'm revolting, don't know why. Millar is doing it as well but he jumps all over the furniture so he gets into even more trouble than me!

Mum found this great article in Stuff newspaper and it's how to make a chemical free fly trap, beats all those nasty chemicals for sure. She's been using Don't Bug Me as well which is all natural and full of oils that bugs and flies hate.

Well it's about time for another snooze so I'll hand over to Millar and see what he's saying this month.

Millar's Memo

Hi all, Millar here it's summer's and I'm loving it!!

I had my first road trip just before Christmas where we all went camping at this lovely beach. It was empty so I could play with my frisbee for ages on the sand.

We weren't allowed to run round at the camp site but we were on long leads so we could still get around. I get bored easily, so I thought I'd take Bhodi for a short walk. I thought I did really well as I didn't let him go, mum took a video of us to show what a good boy I was.

With the weather as it is, we're sure you're going to be going to the beach, bach, picnics, festivals, camping or just generally being outside so we've come up with the perfect all natural pack for you to take with you.

Pack contains -

  • No Stinki Me (simply the best chemical free deodorant),

  • Germs Be Gone sanitiser (you can't get enough of this stuff),

  • Don't Bug Me insect repellant and

  • Burn Out, our new natural sun protection balm.

You'll be smell free, germ free, sunburn free and bite free - how good is that??

Summer at your fingertips.



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