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Bhodi's Blog-Baby Show Auckland

Bhodi the greyhound sunbathing in the garden
Bhodi Sunbathing

Hey everyone, I'm back and don't you think I'm looking resplendent sunbathing in the garden? Summer is coming and I can't wait for walks on the beach and camping.

Well mum has been super busy, getting ready for Christmas with special gift packs and also doing her first Baby Show Auckland with the NCS Mum and Baby Range. Check out the picture of the stall below - how cool is that??

Baby Show Auckland - Natural Common Scent's Stand

Auckland Baby Show, Natural Common Scents retail stand
Natural Common Scents stand at The Auckland Baby Show

It was a busy 3 days, so I held the fort of course, what else could a dog do since I wasn't allowed to go.

Things went well, met lots of new people who were really keen on natural products, especially for young ones. Nature's Nurse was a great hit. It was a great experience (aside from swollen ankles and back pain from standing for 3 days straight!) so good in fact that she has signed up for the Autumn show in March. So if you couldn't make this one, make sure you go in March, the goody bags are great (although no dog treats....).

Well this is a quick one as I need to go and help mum do many more other things and it's about time for a nap, so I'll sign off for now and let Millar have his spot.

Millar's Memo

Hey everyone, did you know that Sunday 13th November is World Kindness Day? A day (or week if you like) of random acts to make someone smile.

What are you thinking of doing? I'm just hoping for treats, but that's not random, so maybe a new ball or frisbee. Here are some ideas -

  • Buy someone forward a coffee;

  • Get off social media and ring someone, in fact, put your phone away and see them in person;

  • Help someone pack their shopping bags;

  • Send a postcard to someone you've not seen in a while;

  • Invite someone for dinner.

There you go a few thoughts, Happy Kindness Day from me and mum.

Millar and Sandra saying goodbye
Millar and Mum


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