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Travelling with your dog this summer?

How to Embark on the Best Summertime Sojourns with Your Pet

Setting out for a summertime sojourn with your pet enriches the tapestry of experiences shared between pet and owner. While the thought of lazy afternoons and vibrant sunsets with a four-legged companion is appealing, it requires a considered approach to ensure the well-being of your animal friend. This guide from Natural Common Scents offers essential insights to enhance the safety and enjoyment of your warm-weather outings with your pet.

Golden retriever travelling in car with children
It's a road trip!

Utilization of Safe Cleaners

Cleanliness remains a priority when adventure beckons. Employing natural cleaning agents ensures that any space can be freshened up without exposing your pet to toxic substances. These safe options are particularly important for wiping down areas where your pet will eat, sleep, or play, creating a safe environment for them to enjoy.

Ensuring Adequate Hydration

As temperatures soar, maintaining your pet’s hydration becomes paramount. Carrying fresh water accompanied by a collapsible bowl means your pet can always quench their thirst, regardless of the environment. Frequent water breaks are indispensable, especially during prolonged periods of activity, because they help prevent overheating and maintain your pet's energy levels.

Attention to Walking Surfaces

Everyday surfaces can reach temperatures that pose a risk to your pet during warmer months. Asphalt, for instance, can retain heat and cause discomfort or injury to sensitive paw pads. Scheduling walks during cooler periods of the day or seeking out shady, grass-filled areas can prevent potential harm and allow your pet to explore without the peril of overheated ground beneath them.

Natural paw balm for dogs in aluminium tin
Round of Appaws Paw Balm

Establishing a Familiar Retreat

Travel can be disorienting for pets, so offering a slice of home can provide immense comfort.

A designated travel bed or crate decked out with familiar toys and blankets can anchor your pet, giving them a sense of security and belonging, no matter the location. This familiarity can greatly reduce stress and anxiety for your pet, making the journey more enjoyable for them.

Protection Against the Sun

Pets are susceptible to the sun's rays, which can be just as harmful to them as they are to humans. Applying a pet-friendly sunscreen to vulnerable areas, or dressing them in lightweight protective clothing, can shield them from the potentially damaging effects of prolonged sun exposure; that way, they can partake in outdoor activities without the risk of sunburn.

Sun Buddy, natural sun protection for dogs in aluminium tin
Sun Buddy, sun protection for those pink skin bits.

Recognizing Signs of Overheating

Being vigilant about the symptoms of heatstroke can be life-saving. Signs such as excessive panting, drooling, and apparent lethargy are red flags that require immediate attention. Ensuring pets have access to shade and air circulation during trips, especially in a vehicle, can mitigate the risk of overheating to keep them comfortable and healthy.

Preparing a Comprehensive Pet Kit

Crafting an essential kit for your pet is a cornerstone of prudent trip planning. It should encompass fundamental items like a resilient leash, a secure harness, and an insect repellent that's safe for animals, ensuring your pet’s protection against pests. While you’re at it, throw in some chemical-free shampoo that will keep your pup’s coat shiny and healthy!

Integrating medications that are part of your pet’s daily regimen is also crucial. By preparing for a broad range of scenarios, this kit will become a vital resource that allows for a swift and calm response to unexpected events: your excursion will remain serene for you and your cherished companion. Adding a current photo and description of your pet to the kit can also be invaluable should they ever stray from your side during your travels.

Bottles of natural dog shampoo
The Dashing Hound, natural shampoo

Wrapping Up

Creating joyous summertime memories with a pet is an enriching experience that is enhanced by meticulous preparation and an awareness of the unique needs of animals during warmer weather. You can ensure your furry companion enjoys the sunshine and exploration just as much as you do by embracing these.

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