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Natural Sun Protection No chemicals

Introducing Burn Out - Natural Sunscreen: Your Ultimate Summer Shield Against Harsh Sun Rays


Summer is a time for fun, relaxation, and soaking up the sun's warm embrace. However, while the sun offers its delightful touch, it also brings along its harmful UV rays that can wreak havoc on your precious skin.


That's why we're excited to introduce Burn Out - Natural Sunscreen, your perfect companion for safeguarding your skin against the unforgiving sun this summer.


Unveil the Power of Nature's Defense

Our commitment to nature-inspired solutions has led us to create a sunscreen that combines the best of natural ingredients to provide you with effective protection. Burn Out harnesses the inherent goodness of shea butter and coconut oil, renowned for their skin-nourishing properties, to formulate a sunscreen that not only shields your skin but also nurtures it.


Tailored Protection: From SPF 4-6 to SPF 50

At Natural Common Scents, we understand that different skin types and sun exposure levels call for varying degrees of protection.  Whether you're enjoying a leisurely stroll in the park or indulging in an adventurous beach escapade, Burn Out has you covered but remember safe sun practice.


With SPF 4-6 protection derived from a delicate blend of shea butter and coconut oil, your skin is shielded from the sun's rays while retaining its moisture and vitality. For those seeking the pinnacle of protection, our infusion of raspberry seed oil elevates Burn Out's capabilities to a remarkable SPF of up to 50, ensuring your skin remains guarded even under the harshest sun conditions.


Seamless Application, Enduring Defense

We understand that the last thing you want from a sunscreen is a greasy, heavy feeling that leaves you uncomfortable. That's why Burn Out boasts an easy-to-apply texture that glides effortlessly onto your skin, leaving behind no greasy residue. Our meticulously crafted formula ensures a non-greasy experience that keeps your skin feeling fresh and light while providing reliable protection.


Nourish Your Skin, Don't Clog Your Pores

Your skin deserves the best, which is why Burn Out is designed not only to protect but also to nourish. Our unique blend is formulated with precision to ensure that your pores remain unclogged and your skin can breathe freely. This not only prevents the discomfort of congestion but also promotes healthier skin in the long run.


Versatility for Every Adventure

Whether you're embarking on a camping expedition, hosting a cheerful picnic, basking in the sun-kissed sands of a beach, or dancing your heart out at a vibrant festival, Burn Out is your steadfast companion. Its versatile formulation guarantees exceptional protection across various activities, ensuring your skin's health and radiance are preserved throughout your summer adventures.


Championing Safe Sun Practices

While Burn Out offers top-tier protection, we're also advocates for safe sun practices. Remember to slip on protective clothing, slap on generous amounts of Burn Out sunscreen, slap on a hat, and wrap on those stylish shades during the sun's peak hours. By adhering to these guidelines, you can enjoy the sun responsibly and savour the summer moments without compromising your skin's well-being.


A Commitment to Your Skin and the Planet

At Burn Out, we're not just dedicated to your skin's welfare; we're committed to the planet's well-being as well. Our sunscreen is formulated without parabens, ensuring that your skin is shielded from the sun's rays without exposure to harmful chemicals. Moreover, we take a firm stance against animal testing. Our earth-friendly approach extends to our packaging, prioritizing sustainable materials that minimize our environmental impact.


In a world where skin protection, sustainability, and conscious choices converge, Burn Out - Natural Sunscreen emerges as the embodiment of your summer skin care solution.

Burn Out - Natural Sunscreen

  • Ingredients

    Olive Oil

    Coconut Oil

    Shea Butter


    Zinc Oxide

    Raspberry seed oil


  • Burn Out is one of our fantastic four products in the Summer Skincare Essentials Pack.  You can find it here - Summer Essentials

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