The Handsome Horse Shampoo - Lavender

This shampoo is low on lather and much gentler on the skin and coat than detergent-based shampoos. 

It doesn't strip the coat of its natural oils and often a further conditioning treatment isn't needed.

Aloe vera is added to moisturise and create a smooth shine.


Lavender is anti-fungal, pain-relieving, and antiseptic. It is really natures first aid kit! Also helps with stress as it is calming and relaxing.

The Handsome Horse Shampoo - Lavender

  • Instructions for use.

    Wet coat with warm water. 

    Apply shampoo by hand and work into a low foaming lather around the entire body avoiding the eyes and face. 

    Rinse thoroughly so that no shampoo remains. Towel dry to prevent chills. 

  • Ingredients

    Hand-made castile soap

    Aloe vera

    Lavender essential oil

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