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Bhodi's Blog - Babies & Boob-ease Natural Nipple Balm.

A greyhound having lots of fun in autumn leaves
Greyhound playing in leaves

Well this months blog is going to be a bit different - it's not all about me!!

Mum has some cool stories to tell you this month, so I'll hand over to her.

This month is about babies and Boob-ease natural nipple balm!!

So this is usually a post written by a very clever dog and has nothing to do with babies or boob-ease, so why the change? Well a few things have happened which are really exciting. More on that if you scroll down.

We were excited and getting ready to attend The Baby Show in Auckland in March with all our fabulous Mum and Bub products, but due to Covid, it's been cancelled and we are really disappointed. We had everything planned and almost ready to go then - boom, no Baby Show but it's not all bad....

We've joined forces with Bare Necessities, a fabulous charity that puts together care packs for pregnant and new mums who are in vulnerable situations, whether in emergency housing or shelters who have basically nothing. One of their essential items that they want is nipple balm so we happily got to work to make them, check the photo below! About 100 new mums got a Boob-ease in their care pack. Proud moment!

Boxes of Boob-ease, natural nipple cream
Boxes of Boob-ease for our favourite charity Bare Necessities

We've also joined up with Mums and Bubs who make the most beautiful gift boxes for the new mum in your life and Mama's Village. Gemma has created a community for mums where they can access anything they need for self care, physically or mentally, or if they just need some support and time out. Great initiative, you'll see us there in the coming weeks. Click on the links if you want to find out more.

Millar's Memo

Since this blog is all about Boob-ease, I'm going to tell you 5 amazing things about it and why you should check it out.

  1. It contains 100% organic cocoa butter.

  2. Mum makes her own calendula and chamomile infused oils which have been used for centuries to promote healing.

  3. You don't need to wipe off before a feed because it is completely non-toxic.

  4. It's so soothing and feels great!!

  5. It smells amazing!!!

It's a short blog this month, so here is me and mum saying goodbye til next time.

Millar's paw waving bye bye
Millar and Mum


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