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It's been 6 months, what have we been doing??!!

Natural dog shampoos and other products on a market stand
NCS Market stand at Long Bay Dog Day Market

Yes, it's been 6 months since the last blog. Where has the time gone?

So just what have we been doing? Mainly developing new products and out on the road meeting customers. You'll find a list of our latest customers here with many more in the pipeline. We've also started doing markets and you'll find us at Long Bay and Fort Takapuna from now on.

For all you horse owners and lovers out there our newly developed products are all for horses and include shampoo, healing spray and a healing gel. We've had rave reviews about these and check out the photos below.

This is the very handsome Eddie before and after a bath with our shampoo.

And this is Ava, recovering from a bout of mud fever after using the healing gel and spray.

Before After

Also, we've been getting to know our local pony clubs and were hoping to sponsor some events with them but unfortunately another Covid lockdown came at the end of the season, so we'll pick that up again next year.

There is also some really exciting news about another sponsorship in the pipeline but that has also been delayed due to the vaccine roll out, so we can't tell you about that for another couple of months - but watch this space dog lovers. Not quite a spoiler alert, but needless to say, it involves dogs!!

In greyhound news, they're doing great, tagging along with us everywhere we've been going including going to Woof - The Auckland Rainbow Dog Show a few weeks ago - a rare day off, what a treat!! Of course they were treated like the rock stars they are and even received a free massage at the end of the day.

So to end this blog, here is a picture of myself and Bhodi (just for attention) and the latest cartoon from my favourite greyhound loving cartoonist, Richard Skipworth - he is spot on!

Until next time,

Sandra & Mickey



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